15 Steps Marketing Strategies For Chiropractic Center

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15 Steps Marketing Strategies For Chiropractic Center

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In recent decades chiropractic offices have seen a significant shift making marketing an increasingly important part of a practice. The introduction of managed care decreased the need for medical offices to brand themselves and led to a certain declining patient base. Marketing can be an effective way to increase a practices exposure and patient loyalty. The correct marketing strategies for a medial office will be cost effective and easy to implement.

#1 – Increase Referrals

Medical offices often rely on the same group of physicians to give referrals. One way to market your chiropractic center is to network with new physicians. Young professionals will be eager to build connections in the medical community. Ideally you want them to refer patients to you when they need a chiropractor.

#2 – Access Local Media

Ask whether or not they have an opening for a medical contributor. You could have a segment on one of their shows, or write a column for the local paper. You should also consider writing your own newsletters that you send out locally.

#3 – Contact Community Groups

Reach out to local community groups. Prepare a possible list of lectures or presentations you can give. Offer these lectures and presentations free of charge to group members. Stick around after your lectures so you can meet and greet potential patients.

#4 – Fix your Website

A chiropractic center should have a professional, user-friendly website. It is an essential tool when you are marketing to the community. Include services offered, physician biographies, directions to your office and a list of upcoming events. Include and easy-to-use form that patients can fill out if they have any questions. Make sure questions are answered promptly. You want to update your website frequently so it stays relevant. If you can’t handle your website on your own it is a worthwhile investment to hire someone to manage it for you.

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#5 – Expand your Services

Chiropractic offices can build their customer base by expanding their services. They should offer free screenings to current patients and community members. They should also consider having extended hours one or two days per week so they can accommodate working patients. Sell products that are relevant to your business. You could sell back massagers, vitamins and other supplements.

#6 – Offer Free Services

Offer free health screenings.  If you offer a free examination you can tell each patient what course of treatment they will benefit from. Send out flyers advertising your free health screenings. This will encourage people to come back for paid treatments.

#7 – Appointment Reminders

It’s always good to remind patients they have an appointment. Give each patient an appointment reminder card when they leave your office. Call patients before their appointment to remind them it’s coming up.

#8 – Happy Birthday Wishes

Send out a post card to your patients on your birthday. You could offer the patient a free service for their birthday. It is a good way to get patients back into treatment if they have stopped coming in.

#9 – Phone Book

The phone book is one of the best ways to market your business. It’s not that expensive and if you get a larger ad it will draw customers attention. The phone book is one of the first places people look when they need to find a new doctor. Phone books also have a coupon section where you could add a coupon for your practice that people can redeem when they come for their first visit.

#10 – Give Swag

Give away freebies with your information on them. You can give away note pads or magnets. Anything that they can use and other people will see. You could also give away handheld massagers with your office information on it. Or a back scratcher.

#11 – Google Adwords

A Google Adwords campaign is the perfect way to attract local patients. They are targeted to a geographical location so when people search for a chiropractor in your area you Google Ad will come up.

#12 – Social Media

Social media is an important part of marketing any business now. You need to create a Twitter and Facebook account to use them to market to potential and existing patients. You can use Twitter to post chiropractic advice and tips that will be useful to patients. You can use your Facebook page to highlight your practice and to interact with patients.

#13 – Television or Radio Ad

If you are looking to expand your practice you want to get people’s attention. Making a radio or television ad is the perfect way to do this. You can run your ad in local markets. Try to make your ad memorable. Think of a catchy phrase or make your ad funny. You want people to remember your ad so they remember you. To make your ad more personable you should be in the ad. It will help potential patients connect with you.

#14 – Go to Events

If the area your practice is in has local events that venders can set up a table at you should have a display. This is the perfect way to meet new patients and it also helps you connect with your community. You can have a sign-up sheet so potential patients can give their information. You can use the information to send them marketing tools like post cards and newsletters.

#15 – Patient Referrals

One easy way to get new patients is through your existing patients. You want to encourage the patients you have already to refer you to friends, family and co-workers. To do this you should offer patients and incentive for referring people. Consider offering a free treatment for every new patient an existing patient gets you. You could also offer gift cards for referrals or a book of coupons for local businesses.

As you can see there is plenty of ways that you can market your chiropractic center. You can try a few different things to see what works best for your practice. The key is to develop a strategy and stick with it.

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