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Tool To Supercharge Your Local Business – Reviews

Referrals are the lifeblood of successful local businesses. Customers rely on online reviews and testimonials to make decisions on who to use and where to spend their money. I’m going to show you in this post how you can get dozens to hundreds of new 5 star reviews from your existing customers for only $1.

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Why reviews

According to a recent BrightLocal study 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. It just makes sense. Let me give you an example…  I hate working in the yard and wanted to hire a local landscaping company. This is what I saw in Google:

Google Map Search - landscape company near me

Which of these 3 local businesses would you choose?

Based on what you see, which company would you call to hire? The one with 1 review or no reviews? No, you’d pick Tropical Tree Landscape, because they have way more positive reviews than the other guys. I don’t even know if Valley Crest Maintenance is a real business or open any longer… It is so important for you to control your online reputation. Up until now it has been a very painstaking process to ask and get reviews from customers. There were a few solutions out there for thousands per month. Then I found Testimonial Engine. I’ve used it with 3 businesses already with awesome results. It is the best review system available.

How Testimonial Engine Works

I could walk through everything, but this video pretty much sums it up…

Testimonial Engine Intro Video from Doren Aldana on Vimeo.

Where/how to test it out for only $1

I was recently on a call with Doren, Testimonial Engine’s President, and he gave me a $1 Trial Offer I could give away to you!
So, what does this mean? Well, for starters there are no contracts and for just a single dollar you can upload your customer list, send out the proven email sequence and get up to 30% of your list to give you 5 star reviews!!!!  Yes, that means that if you have an email list with 1000 emails of past customers, you can realistically get up to 300 new 5 star online reviews on Google, Facebook, and dozens of other sites for only a single dollar! If it works, great! You keep the system and I can show you how to really easily automate the process of sending out the text messages/emails with your current CRM.



If you still want more information on how the system works click here for a free online webinar where Doren shows you HOW TO ATTRACT 5-STAR RAVE REVIEWS ON AUTOPILOT, SO YOU CAN DOMINATE ON GOOGLE+,YELP, ETC., AND BECOME THE #1 CHOICE!


If you have a limited budget and you ask me where to spend your money first, I will tell you to sign up for Testimonial Engine and get your business more reviews. It’s the best way to become the #1 choice, differentiate yourself from the competition and manage your reputation which can make or break your business.

P.S. Testimonial Engine is a Canadian Company and their prices are in Canadian Dollars, which is Loony if you ask me… Right now, with our strong American Dollar the system is about 30% less than the prices they advertise in Canadian Dollars! Go watch the webinar and try this software out for only 1 measly Canadian Dollar.

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