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Creating A Marketing Plan For Your Chiropractic Office


Creating a Marketing Plan for a Successful Chiropractic Center 

When you create your individual marketing plan approach it with an open mind. There is no idea too small or from left field that isn’t worth considering. Make sure you are in a relaxed environment and are in tune with your mission. We want to create a perfect marketing plan to grow your practice. Your main goals are going to be to get new patients and to keep the patients that you have. We want to motivate people to make that appointment and come into your office. 

There are 3 reasons that motivate people:

  1. Need
  2. Greed
  3. Fear of loss​





The #1 motivation for people to become your patient is pain. They are in pain and you can help them to get rid of their pain. They need to get relief. That need is the motivation driven by their pain. 

Of course, there are other smaller motivations like ​getting healthy or staying healthy, but those aren't going to be strong enough motivators to become your patient. Focusing on the patient fundamental need is going to drive your messaging.

Start With The Basics

Be Found

Make sure your Chiropractic center is listed where your patients are looking: 1) Google, 2)Business Directories, and 3) Social Media. See how to get new patients using social media.

Get in area phone books and online search directories and avoid terms like “spine therapy” or “physical wellness” that may reinforce the misunderstanding of what you do. Obviously, if your center includes integrated Physical Therapy, and Massage Therapy, get listed under those categories, too. Getting started with a Local SEO package will get you listed in all the right places online and will have you showing up in maps when people are searching for what you do. We always create a solid online footprint so that people find you wherever they are online.

Set Your Office Up For Success

Start within. Remember that “Doctor” means “teacher” and a DC is a “Doctor of Chiropractic.” You and your clinic are essentially a fertile field where Chiropractic understanding can bloom. Corny huh... Be sure that your clinic waiting room is a classroom. Posters that illustrate what Chiropractic is should be displayed along with educational brochures. Having separate brochures for each health issue you help with creates a connection between the patient and what you can do to help them. Several great companies provide these materials for your success. has a bunch of brochures, videos, and educational materials for purchase to reinforce what chiropractic is. Consider a looping educational DVD in the waiting room too that your patients can watch while they wait to see you. Appointment reminder cards, little notes on the bottom of your clinic’s receipts, and educational patient birthday cards should all contain subtle and thoughtful Chiropractic education. The more educated your patients are the more well informed referrals will come from them. Enhance the quantity of quality patient’s by incorporating a referral program that includes a discount or perk for patients who refer to you.

Map The Patient Experience

What will the patient be experiencing at each step of the process? What are they seeing? Is that what you would want to experience? Remember, they don't know or care what chiropractic is. They have a problem, you have the solution. Guide them through the process of healing with education, kindness, and professionalism.


To get people in YOU have to get OUT! Speak to local hospital marketing representatives, city officials, community centers, chamber of commerce branches, and align yourself with community events so that you can participate in them in some capacity. There are different professional networking groups like NPI and BNI that you can get involved in to generate referrals from people that know, like and trust you. Many doctors have initially built their practices by setting up a tent at festivals and farmer's markets in their town. If standing outside all day on a Saturday is out, you can sponsor these events in other ways. Donate food or printing costs in exchange for visibility on even shirts, posters, or ads. The biggest myth is that you have to spend a lot of time and money on getting seen. If your community has a college there is radio broadcasts and public radio outlets itching for an interview with a Doctor of Chiropractic who can explain on the radio waves who you are and what you do.


Online! Open up social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Myspace, Friendster, Groupon, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, and YouTube are excellent modern solutions to educate what Chiropractic is and give your practice great exposure.  Link them all to your own practice website. It is not enough to have the account because frankly, everyone has one. You will swiftly get lost in the sea of social buzz if you don’t plan out exactly what you are willing and capable of maintaining. It takes time either way and slowly snowballs in to a fierce presence. The sooner you begin the better. Keep it active by offering deals, and educational tidbits. Plug these activities on a marketing calendar and stay diligent!



Offline! While modern social media is essential, one must not discount the local methods of newspaper press releases, billboards, movie theater advertising, and ads. Quite often these avenues can be completely free. Take time to write up a biography or announcement that is educational and lighthearted and submit it to your local paper or periodicals. If you do take out advertisements do not spend a lot of money. Stick with the most conservative yet frequently viewed option. Most papers have economical ad space for you to occupy in each publication. Be sure to address the distinction between Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Therapy. You can even go so far as to show the educational credit distinctions between the two professions so patients can see the subject matter and area of expertise differences. Consider writing it down and publishing it in the form of a pamphlet or book.

Reach Out To Physical Therapists

Get outside the box! Make sure area Physical Therapists know who you are. Take time to meet them and give them your card and when finances and time permit, take them to lunch. With actual area Physical Therapists in the know, you can be allies rather than fierce competitors. Don’t stop there! Introduce yourself to area Orthopedists, Neurologists, and Osteopaths. Help them understand when to refer to you especially when they themselves have exhausted all avenues. Be THAT guy who wants to help those who seem to be beyond help!

Considering these marketing strategies and adopt ongoing marketing habits in your daily routine. Teaching, talking, advertising, and staying visible in your area are perfect ways to eliminate misunderstandings and add value to what a Chiropractor actually is. Effort by effort contributes to overall success of accurate Chiropractic focused care. Never pass up an opportunity to clarify Chiropractic Therapy. Most important is to stay positive. Sometimes the things implemented don’t seem to produce immediate results. Keep at it!





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