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Our Story

We are Web SEO and Design, LLC, a website design, development, advertising and marketing company. Our primary aim is to take you from where you are, to where you want to be. 

Hi my name is David Cohn, Founder and CEO of the company. My team and I know the importance of having a top of the line website that people can easily navigate and is sticky makes people want to come back. You are in business to make money. We will make you look great while doing it.

What we do

Web Seo and Design offers complete packages for designing your website, revamping your website to suit to the modern requirements, and expertise in search engine optimization,  We are National and Local SEO experts. Located in Delray Beach, Florida we distinguish ourselves from the others by our exceptional team of brilliant, creative, and talented staff who are constantly striving to show our clients value. We create tailor-made solutions based on your unique requirements to cater to your marketing needs and get top rankings in search engines. We offer SEO Consulting Services, SEO, Search Engine Marketing and Web Site Design services. We can create content for you, earn links on relevant and trusted websites, and do a mobile website redesign. Your customers are on their phones searching and looking for you.

Our Process


Phase 1: Discovery

In this phase we research solutions and strategize ways to achieve your goals. The deliverable for you is a project blueprint documenting the research.


Phase 2: Content

Develop content with your team or ours.


Phase 3: Design

Whether its a custom design or from a pre-designed template, we make sure your vision is achieved.


Phase 4: Development

We code the design and any needed functionality into a working and dynamic website.


Phase 5: Testing and Launch

We transfer the website off our testing site and onto your live site. Debugging for popular browsers, tablets and mobile devices.

Meet our Team

David Cohn
Owner and CEO

Kumar Mukul
Sr. Web Programmer

Musa Bin Hossain
Web Designer and Developer

Shivani Mittal
SEO Expert and Team Lead

Mariya Shiklo
Expert Graphic Designer

Laura Ruben

Ready to grow your business?