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Discover The 10 Best Ways To Get New Patients For Your Chiropractic Office!

How To Get More Chiropractic PatientsIf you are looking to increase the volume of patients you have in your chiropractic practice, social media can really help! Increasing the number of patients you have in your practice is the goal of almost every doctor, especially if you don’t accept insurance. We’ve put together the list below of […]

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Paid or Organic Results: What is the best return on your investment (ROI)?

Paid and organic results

Funny, when I was asked to do this article, I was thinking already about the title for this piece, “What is the difference?” The title reminded me of when insult comedian Andrew “Dice” Clay made a joke of when his math teacher asked the “Diceman” the difference between two math problems. . . . wait, […]

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Social Media Automation

How To Handle Social Media In Minutes each week Things You Will Need: Social media Accounts (usernames/passwords) A desire for more customers & more time   The BackStory I subscribe to dozens of blogs and I hear from some of the folks that choose to follow me on Twitter and Facebook that they appreciate that […]

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