Goes Live – Another Happy Customer Goes Live – Another Happy Customer

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Today, I spent a couple hours at Castello Salon & Spa helping them get their new emails set up, updating some last changes on their website, and pushing the new site live! I want to give a big thanks to Michelle, Leandro, and Antonella for being such great clients and making the redesign an easy process:

  1. We met in person to go over what they were looking for in the new design
  2. Design process, review and approval
  3. Development & QA
  4. Updates & changes
  5. Push the site live

A Common Situation

They had an old site that wasn’t as beautiful as their salon. The old site was difficult to use and navigate and it didn’t work well on mobile devices. They also wanted to connect the site to their social media, because they like to keep in touch with their clients through Facebook.

This is what their old site looked like:

And this is what their New site looks like:


Total Transformation

castello salon- happy customer testimonial - WebSEOandDesign.comWhat a huge difference a month makes! I was glad to see that they were pleased. Michelle even took this selfie with me while I was teaching her how to blog from her phone. We connected the blog to their social media accounts so that when they create a blog on their site, it automatically gets published on their Facebook Page. That should save about 20-30 minutes each day!

Let Us Help You:

If you like what you’ve seen and you’d like us to design a new, responsive site that looks good on desktops and mobile devices and that is connected with your social media accounts to save you time, contact us to get started!



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