February 25

MMJ Dispensary Website Design


At Web SEO and Design we are proud of the work we produce designing websites in the cannabis industry. Having worked with clients in this new marijuana industry for over 15 months, we have seen our clients see tremendous succcess.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Website

This first example is of a budding business with the brand Florida Buds. It uses clean, safe imagery to let the target demographic of baby boomers feel comfortable while welcoming them into the online experience. We produced the Dispensary Website Design, Logo, membership cards, and offsite advertising imagery to drive traffic to the site.

Medical Marijuana Software Company Website Design

Another of our clients, BioTrackTHC is the market leader in seed-to-sale tracking technology that has been adopted by several states like Washington and New Mexico during 2014 and 2015.

With BioTrackTHC, we’ve done branding, logo design, website design, marketing materials, website development, social media, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and the Occasional Billboard.

 Marijuana Info.Org Design


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