Facebook Sales Machine

Facebook Sales Funnel

Turn Facebook Into a Sales Machine For Your Business!

Facebook is an amazingly powerful platform that allows us to specifically target your customers based on age, gender, location, interests, income, relationship status, what types of events they attend, if they have a relationship with your competitor, groups they are involved with, etc. We use Facebook advertising to put your best offers in front of the people that are most likely to buy from you.

Getting that visibility is only the beginning and most people who see an offer don't buy right away. That's why we have developed the Facebook Sales Machine! We create a full sales funnel that begins with targeting the right people, showing the right offer, sending them to a series of pages that grabs their attention, gathers their information, upsells additional products and services and a 3 part email sequence to follow up with those who opted-in. We also tag everyone who doesn't opt in so we can follow them around the internet and show them follow-up ads until they buy from you.

We work with specific niches like chiropractors where we generate new patient appointments and yoga studios where our campaign has brought in as many as 124 leads in a single day!

We create a full Facebook Sales Machine and you reap the benefits!

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The Facebook Sales Machine includes:

1) Design and setup of Facebook Ad campaign and targeting

2) Design & Development of Sales Funnel

3) Integration with email automation provider Mailchimp

4) Setting up, monitoring, and optimization of Ad campaigns

Do you need to create a consistent source of new customers for your business?