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Discover The 10 Best Ways To Get New Patients For Your Chiropractic Office!


How To Get More Chiropractic Patients

If you are looking to increase the volume of patients you have in your chiropractic practice, social media can really help! Increasing the number of patients you have in your practice is the goal of almost every doctor, especially if you don’t accept insurance. We’ve put together the list below of the top 10 ways to use social media to get more chiropractic clients and grow your practice. 

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Chiropractor Social Media

Top 10 Ways To Get Clients For Your Chiropractic Offices using Social Media

#1 – Setup Personal & Business G+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Accounts

This may seem like a no brainier, but it is an essential step towards developing your online presence. Chiropractors need to build their online presence and use these accounts to the fullest. The first step we take for clients is building out their digital footprint, and interlinking their accounts so your prospective customers can find you wherever they prefer to go online.  This is the first interaction new patients will make with you, so make sure that your content and creative is consistent with your brand. Make sure you include all of your contact details! Your Name Address and Phone Number should be consistent across all your accounts. You also want to link from one account to the other and, of course, always include a link back to your website.

#2 – Visuals are Important When Sharing Content

People are drawn to posts that have images attached to them. This is the most important when you share information on Facebook, but It is also useful to add images to Twitter and LinkedIn posts too. Use images that are free. You don’t want to use images that are copyright protected. Also, consider getting a high quality DSLR digital camera and taking pictures of your practice, staff, equipment and happy patients.  This equipment will come in very handy to gather video testimonials. We use them very effectively to get new patients for practices.

#3 – Educate and Share Knowledge

This is about positioning. You are a health and wellness expert and need to be positioned as one. There are several good reasons to post regularly to social media. First, Your patients and their friends (potential patients) really appreciate educational posts. Secondly, it keeps your existing and past patients keeping you top of mind when they need to visit a chiropractor.

Most people have no idea that chiropractic is important to maintain health. Make posts about specific chiropractic topics. Pick a topic and create discussions about it on Facebook and Twitter. For example, the best sleeping positions to eliminate stiff neck or how to get rid of pain caused by fibromyalgia. Engage with potential patients by answering questions related to your post. Avoid being overly technical. Don’t use terms that the average patient won’t understand.

What are the most frequently asked questions from your patients? You can use those questions and answer them in your website’s blog. We can wire up your site so that it can connect to your social media accounts and publish to all of them at one time automatically. Have you set up your social media accounts yet?

#4 – Post Frequently on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest network of professionals online. It allows doctors to highlight all the aspects of their career path using texts and visuals. It is one of the easiest ways a chiropractor can connect with other doctors and professionals which are great sources of referrals. Start by making the most of your profile by sharing content that best reflects your specific expertise. The good thing about LinkedIn being a social network for business professionals is that most of them can afford to pay for your services and become loyal patients.

#5 – Follow Other Physicians

It is important to build your professional circle. Follow other doctors on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Start by building upon your current network of colleagues, friends and peers. Next, do a search for other people in the same industry as you. When you build a large network of like minded individuals it will help support your profile and give you ideas that you can use to engage with patients on social media. You call also share and discuss information with other chiropractors and doctors.

#6 – Contribute to Existing Conversations on Twitter

Twitter is an excellent platform for one-on-one public conversations. You can start your own discussions or contribute to existing conversations. Talk about currents trends, interesting studies and industry news. You can find these conversations by searching for hashtags and keywords.

#7 – Join Relevant Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are weekly, or monthly conversations that are focused on a particular topic or hashtag. You want to look for Twitter chats for doctors and medical professionals. When you find a conversation that you feel you can contribute to join and share your expertise. Make sure to add appropriate chiropractic hashtags (#FixMyBack) in your tweets.

#8 – Join LinkedIn Groups That Match your Expertise

Use the LinkedIn search feature to find groups that match your interest as a chiropractor. With the groups you can connect with other professionals. You can discuss subjects that are of interest to these other like minded individuals. LinkedIn groups give you credibility to potential patients. It also helps you connect with other medical professionals that can refer you to their patients.

#9 – Be Accurate

There is a lot of information out there that is incorrect and confusing when it comes to the medical field. When you post information online make sure your information is accurate. You also want to make sure you post information that is clear and easy to understand. When it comes to posting online quality is more important that quantity.

#10 – Ask Questions

When you are on social media your goal should be to interact with potential patients. One way to do this is to ask questions. This will help you get feedback and perspective from your potential patients. You could also do polls related to your chiropractic field, too. The goal is to engage with your followers so you can get an idea of what they are thinking and feeling.




Get Chiropractic Clients Today

The key to launching a successful social media campaign as a chiropractor is consistency and using great visuals. Clients hire us to post frequently, interact with people who respond to posts, and run advertising, because they need to do help patients. Contact us today to get your practice more patients.


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