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How To Get New Real Estate Listing To The Top Of Google


How To Get New Real Estate Listing To The Top Of Google

We handle some Real Estate Agent websites and handle the ongoing marketing needs to generate new buyers for their listings. One of the most important things real estate agents need to do is get your listing to the top of Google and YouTube. It is critical to get the property seen by as many prospective buyers in the market as possible. One of the ways buyers look for information and details is to take an address and search for it in Google. The big boys like Zillow and are typically first on search results pages for these types of searches. We have a system that we use to get visibility right away for our clients. Below you will find the process we have used hundreds of times to impress realtors and their clients by generating results almost instantly. Here it is:

How To New Listing to Google Page 1

  1. Create a picture slideshow using your property pictures. Here are the instructions
  2. Save the name of the slideshow as the exact property address – For example: 123-main-street-Delray-Beach-FL
  3. Upload to your YouTube Account
  4. Title the video using the exact address of the listing. If it’s a new listing not yet on the MLS, Google the address and use Google’s version of the address.
  5. Follow the Address title with the “|” symbol and add “Homes for Sale in [city name of property] | [MLS #]” – For example: 4790 Orchard Lane | Homes for Sale in Delray Beach | RX-10313316
  6. Go to the video description area and continue with the following steps.
  7. First line of the video description text should be an exact duplicate of the title.
  8. Next line should be a link to the property detail page on your site – For example:
  9. Next section of the description should be a duplication of the MLS description. copy/paste it into the youtube video description.
  10. Next, add a reference to the brokerage.  Make sure and reference. For example:  Property Listed by [name of agency]
  11. Next section, highlight the 20 best features of the home in a bullet point form. Make sure that each bullet point you list is a desired keyword. For example: Pool Home
  12. Next is a Call To Action for showings – Something like: If you would like to schedule a private tour of 123 Main Street, Delray Beach, FL – Please contact Ross Stern by clicking
  13. Keyword Call To Action #1- Also, if you’d like to see other homes in Delray Beach or are interested in real estate investing Delray Beach contact Ross Stern
  14. Keyword Call To Action #2 – Wondering… What is my house worth in Delray Beach? Ross Stern from Mangrove Realty will give you an instant home value assessment report –
  15. End the description with the listing address (spelled out a little differently than above) and a final link to your IDX or property detail page.
  16. Finally, add tags to the video based on ll the keywords you put in the list in step #11.

That’s it! Within a couple hours, you’ll have a video listed on the 1st page of Google search results.

It takes work to gain authority

Do this for each listing that you get and you’ll begin to grow your overall authority in your city.

It is important to be on the first page for your property listing

Why is it important?

  1. It increases your overall authority on Google for each listing, your website and all content you publish
  2. You can tell your sellers to Google their address and they can see proof that you are a marketing genius working on their behalf.
  3. You’ll get at least triple the number of hits on your IDX property page when you’re on the first page.

People google specific addresses to see what might show up. Those who are seriously looking are the best buyers!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any real estate specific SEO questions. I’ll post more How To’s if you ask for them!


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