How To Convert JPEG images to EPS Format

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How To Convert JPEG images to EPS Format

Hi Everyone –
I just heard from a client today who didn’t know what to do. He was going to a convention and the organizer wanted to include our client’s logo in the next mailing they were sending out and also to include the logo in other promotional materials. The problem was that they needed the logo in EPS format. What is EPS Format?

We Help Our Clients

Typically we have to do things like this for our clients. Usually, I ask our web designer to provide me the files or we have to provide it to them.

Steps To Take:

First: Grab the best HD quality logo you can find or right click the logo on the site and save it as a jpeg onto your computer.

Second: Use to convert from jpeg to EPS.

Third: Once you have the file, test it. You can view it to see if it is a good quality logo by installing an EPS viewer from

That’s it!

Thank you!

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