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Law Firm SEO Case Study

Case Study: Law Firm SEO | Law Firm Website | BKWLawyers.com

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Bouchard, Kleinman & Wright P.A. is a Law Firm with a good reputation and big competition. They have prided themselves with exceptional representation of their clients, especially in the insurance defense field. Most of their business over the last 20 years has been from referral due to their success. They tried a seo company in New Hampshire and didn’t have any luck. They tried a big SEO company that specializes in Law Firm SEO. They didn’t get their money’s worth from other vendors in the past. From our perspective they had never done good Law Firm SEO. When we started working together they had an outdated website in look & feel, no mobile compatibility, and no search engine optimization. Google barely knew they existed. They weren’t getting new cases from their website. They had never had their site work for them before.

Client’s Goals

BKWlawyers.com had only 2 Google rankings (for their name) when they contacted Web SEO and Design, LLC. For years, they have been known for their insurance defense work and wanted to grow and expand their practice into the other lucrative areas of law that they have experience in. They wanted to be found when people are looking to hire an attorney in New Hampshire by being found online and didn’t know how to accomplish it with the least amount of work they needed to do.

The Challenge

The attorney market has become extremely competitive, with new keywords being highly competitive and PPC advertising being more than $25 per click. The SEO strategy needed to position BKWlawyers.com as the authority in its space ahead of all the other Law Firms in New Hampshire and their local market. It was also important to create dozens of high quality business citations and fix the work other SEO companies improperly done in the past.

The Solution = New Website + SEO

Web SEO and Design performed a very detailed keyword analysis in order to identify and target a much broader range of keywords. We designed and developed a new responsive website that functions beautifully on mobile devices. We also developed and implemented a customized optimization strategy comprised of improved on-page SEO and development of new pages in order to target new keywords, accompanied by an aggressive link-building campaign to support their major key terms. In addition to the new content, Web SEO and Design wrote and syndicated optimized press releases, articles, and syndicated videos not only for the SEO benefits but also to achieve the online presence that BKWlawyers.com needed to become the leader in their market.

The Results

Homepage - BKWLawyers Website and Law Firm SEO

Over the first 3 month period, we were able to increase Bouchard, Kleinman & Wright P.A.  search engine visibility dramatically by improving their Google search result rankings on many of their top keywords, while also targeting and getting new keywords ranked. The new site with Law Firm SEO work generated a 390% increase in traffic with a 500% increase in leads from their website.

  • 12 Listings in the First Position
  • 26 Listings in the Top Five Positions
  • 38 Listings on the First Page of Search Engines
  • 46 Listings on in the Top 20 Positions

They are positioned for a great next year of growth because of the increase in the number of keywords with high rankings (From 2 to 46!).  They are not reliant on a small set of keywords and are able to attract new cases from a wider range of case types. This website designer won’t waste your time or money learning how to properly do law firm SEO. We already do it.

Free Consultation

Contact us for a free call to discuss your needs.  We are great SEO company for Law Firm SEO. We are based in Delray Beach, FL. We’ve helped to drive hundreds of thousands of dollars of law cases to excellent Lawyers. What kinds of cases do you want to attract? Let us know what is important to your business and what you would like to achieve with your online presence.


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