November 10

3 New Local SEO Tools

Good Local SEO and good marketing are almost the same thing. I would add that Local SEO also contains some specific technical things that need to be done every time, for every business, for every business website. Some of the ongoing activities we deal with are collecting and sharing reviews and posting to social media to drive traffic back to our clients websites. We continue to learn and experiment and find cool new tools to make work a little more interesting.

Today I’ll be sharing a Local SEO Checklist, a Review/Testimonial service, and a cool way to automate some of your social activities.

Local SEO Tools

Local SEO Checklist

There are things that you need to do for your business online. Some tasks are technical and some are not. If you don’t want to do them hire us. If you do want to do them use this useful Local SEO checklist to ensure you cover your basic bases. This includes things like:

  • making sure you use keywords in your title tags
  • optimizing your images (compressing them for speed & including alt tags and meta data for search engines
  • setting up webmaster tools from both Google and Bing
  • making sure that your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) is both correct and the same across all the web.

Review / Testimonial Service

Web SEO and Design is a Great Local SEO company

When your prospects find you on the web, you need to look sharp. Social proof is important for the buying process, but it’s also important for search engines. Reviews should be posted about your business on many sites, but a few important ones are Google+, Yelp, and Facebook. It’s great to have the reviews come naturally, but if they aren’t flowing you’ve got to ask for them.

Testimonial TreeRecently one of our clients sent over a string of emails they have received over the years thanking them for doing a great job. They needed to get those testimonials out there and we chose to use a new service called Testimonial Tree. In the free version you can add 2 testimonials per month. Paid versions allow more. We have yet to buy a paid membership. Instead, we’ve been successful setting up individual accounts for each of our customers and add 2 new reviews each month.

Automate Social Interactions

Lastly, we’ve been using TwitterFeed which can be connected with Google Alerts or your websites RSS feed, to provide daily tweets, LinkedIn posts and Facebook posts. I could walk through the entire process of setting it up, but the good folds at LinkPlug have already put together a helpful infographic. Click on the image below to see that post/infographic.

Grow Twitter Followers Like a Hacker


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