Search Engine Optimization SEO in 2014

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Search Engine Optimization SEO in 2014

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SEO in 2014 dice

Business SEO 2014 – Do Not Make Last Year’s Mistakes

By now, you are probably aware that if you would like your online business to succeed, it is important that you make use of the best online marketing strategies. And as far as this is concerned, using our SEO services is among the most ideal ways for you to achieve just that. There are now plenty of local SEO services and strategies that you can implement this 2014 but you also have to remember that there are also countless others which will not give you the kind of success that you are dreaming of. In order to ensure that 2014 will be a favorable year for your business, here are the 3 biggest search engine marketing mistakes that you need to avoid at all cost.


SEO in 2014 dice

The Use of Irrelevant and Unnecessary Content


When it comes to online marketing and SEO, 2014 is going to be a year when fresh, new, and relevant content is going to be in high demand. It is a must that you exert all your efforts to guarantee that your website will be using high quality content that your customers will find useful. The most common mistake committed by plenty of companies today is that they make use of irrelevant content, mostly because the companies are aware that having fresh content regularly is needed. Your company/business is great at something. You can ask yourself, “what do we have that no one else does?” and then write around that. What are the questions that you answer for your clients when you see them? Despite the fact that search engines love new content every now and then, your potential customers will definitely not want to watch and read things that are not relevant in any way to your business. Do away with such content and focus on delivering articles and videos that are related to whatever it is that you have to offer.

Too Much Keyword Stuffing


There is no denying that keywords are considered as SEO’s bread and butter. We do a bunch of research and try to figure out what your customers are searching for and use those search terms in content across your site. As a business owner in 2014, you need to master how to successfully use keywords for making the most out of all the content that you provide in your website or hire competent experts who can assist you 🙂 Even though keywords are important, you must never overstuff your content with these words. It looks forced and it will just ruin the content you worked so hard to produce. It can also be a turnoff to your site’s visitors. To make the best out of your SEO services this 2014, see to it that you will be using the best keywords in the most natural manner. Remember, you can also use synonyms for your keywords within your content. They are sometimes more natural to use and can flow much easier.

Taking Social Media for Granted


Social media isn’t a fad. It is here to stay and will continue to evolve. If you still haven’t realized the essence of social media in local SEO services, this 2014 is the perfect year for finally harnessing the benefits of this concept. It is extremely vital that your business has a good profile in different social media platforms. At the same time, provide your potential customers with an option to share the content from your website to these different social media websites. Your customers are searching online for the best value for their dollar. People like hearing about products and services from their friends and strangers. Getting reviews from your customers is so important. They provide that social proof for you and those reviews are seen by thousands of searchers. Those reviews also help Google to figure out that you are a real, legitimate business with customers who utilize your services. People are talking about you online. Get involved and communicate with them.


Mobile Optimization for SEO in 2014


People are using their phones more often today. We always have our phones with us. We are always connected. I find myself pulling out my phone to look something up while at home, even though my desktop computer is in the same room! When out at a store, I am constantly seeing people doing research on their phone. According to Google 78% of smartphone owners are using their smartphone in-store. Smartphone usage in-store

Lack of Mobile Optimization is a mistake. With most consumers today using their mobile devices to surf the net, search engine marketing has already included mobile optimization as one of its integral aspects. If your business website is not optimized for and accessible to mobile phones, you will definitely miss out so much on effective marketing.


If 2013 has not been a good year for your business, avoid the above mistakes for 2014 to be a more productive year for you! Reach out to us today for a free consultation and see what we can do for you.


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