SEO Training Course for Web SEO and Design

SEO Training Course for Online Marketing

We developed this customized online SEO course for our employees. When new members join our team we put them through the below course to help them learn the basic fundamentals of SEO and Online Marketing. If you'd like to take this course for FREE, fill out the form below to get Instant Access.

Good SEO is nothing more than Good Marketing with a technical component. This course teaches that technical component which must be followed for every client, every time. The Online Marketing course starts off with a SEO starter guide from Google itself and then we move into more complex materials from there. It is a self study course which is free and is an aggregate of different excellent free information from across the web. We figured we'd make it public to help others learn how to do real SEO properly.

Free SEO Training Course Designed for Web SEO and Design Employees

  1. Google SEO Starter Guide - This is the best 32 pages to start off your journey. Hear from Google what is most important. It walks through:
    1. SEO Basics - Proper on-site tags
    2. Proper Site Structure - Make the site easy to navigate.
    3. How To Optimize Content
    4. Dealing with Crawlers - create and submit robots.txt file and sitemaps
    5. SEO for Mobile phones - Yes, you need to know this.
    6. Generic How to Promote (not done too well) and Analyze - youll get some good nuggets of info here.
  2. Website Performance Optimization - 6 hour free online course - how to optimize any site for speed. Speed is hugely important to site conversions and is now a ranking factor for Google. Make websites Fast!
  3. User Experience Course - This course provides an overview of the general principles of user experience for the online world so you can assist in creating engaging experiences for visitors to your site. You will learn about tools and techniques you can use.
  4. SEO Audit - Now that you know the basics of SEO, making your site fast, and have created an engaging user experience, its time to learn how to audit your site and find opportunities to improve SEO. A deep dive takes about an hour of work and includes reviewing:
    1. Webmaster Tools
    2. Authority Metrics - make sure to compare against top 5 competitors
    3. Check SEO visibility changes –
    4. Page Load Speed -
  5. How to do Keyword Research - Step-by-Step Keyword Research Guide using Google Keyword Planner
    1. Other Free Keyword Research Tools - The link has other great tools for SEO, too. Some of the other tools cover things like:
      1. Site Checkup and Analysis
      2. Backlink investigation
      3. Site Crawlability
      4. Duplicate Content Checkers
        1. Plagiarism Checker
        2. Copyscape
        3. PlagSpotted
      5. Landing Page Optimization Tools
        1. UsabilityHub
        2. Adwords landing Page Grader
        3. Optimizely - simple a/b testing tool
      6. Social Media
        1. Buffer
        2. Hootsuite
        3. Follower Wonk - identify social influencers and build a community
  6. Content Strategy course from Northwestern University
    1. In this course, professionals at all levels of an organization will learn the best ways to engage an audience they want and need by smartly implementing their important, strategic stories and information and by using proven tools and techniques to enhance an audiences experiences and interest.
    2. To earn a Verified Certificate, learners must watch the MOOC's videos, answer the Learning Questions that accompany each video, participate in the discussion forums, develop and complete a Case Study, and evaluate the cases of three other MOOC participants.
  7. SEO For Local Search - Local SEO, what is it? Guide to Local SEO
  8. Link Building - Guide to Link building the right way
    1. Focus external link building efforts on the acquisition of editorially given links. These are links requiring human intervention and approval.
    2. Build links that are relevant - on pages where the readers would have a genuine interest in your website.
    3. Quality trumps quantity. A few links from high trust/authority websites will have more impact than hundreds of links from "Made for Guest Posting" blogs.
    4. Guide to Effective Outreach for building links - remember the tool Follower Wonk?
  9. Google Analytics Training - Self study programs to learn principals and fundamentals of Analytics
  10. How to run a digital marketing campaign -
    1. Customer Becomes Aware of Your Brand
    2. Build Trust With Customer
    3. Create Relationship with Customer
    4. Customer Makes Buying Decision 


Even though there are just 10 steps to this free SEO training course, when you are finished you are not done. It is just the basis from which you can go out into the online world to learn on your own and grow. SEO isn't a secret. Run from any agency that tells you otherwise. The secret sauce is 'hard work' with intelligent thought and creativity. How can we get our client's message out to more people? What are some other great ways that we can partner with others to provide value to their customers? Make sure to use your head and bring all ideas up during meetings. We are doing great things from our customers. Let's keep it up!

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