SEO Services

SEO Services

They Are As Important To Your Business As New Customers Are To Your Business:


Need Real SEO Services from a Legitimate Company That Knows What They Are Doing?

If you’ve been disappointed by negative experiences We will be a pleasant surprise for you. We are here to earn your business and loyalty, get you lots of traffic, and make you lots of money. We are the real deal.

We Will:

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1. Do a Thorough Analysis of your site
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2. Set Goals & Create A Plan
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3. Report, Analyze, Implement, Test, Repeat

We Have A Bunch Of Happy Clients To Prove It

Ever wondered what it feels like at the top of Google? It feels good.

We can’t guarantee always getting the top spot, but we can guarantee you’ll get listed on the first two pages of Google and we can guarantee you getting more traffic the higher your rank.


  1. SEO Analysis
  2. SEO Consulting
  3. Local SEO
  4. Advanced National SEO
  5. SEO Management

There is no secret to getting ranked, but there is a lot of knowledge. Google has been documenting what they want from websites for years. Problem is, it takes a lot of work across several disciplines.Good SEO is nothing more than good marketing with a technical component.

SEO Best Practices Delivered

We make smart choices for your seo services based on data and experience. Did I mention we are competent? We write about how and what we do in our blog and even offer free online SEO courses for you to learn how to do it yourself. We do not charge you if you don’t get traffic from at least 5 new keywords each month. We Guarantee It.

By month 3 you’ll be listed on the 1st or 2nd page for at least 15 keywords! If not, you don’t pay. We follow the best practices that Google publishes in their Webmaster Blog. You can see a picture of me with the head of Google Webmaster Tools in a fun post here.

SEO Services Include:


Identify the most relevant and popular keyword phrases most likely to generate sales. Cross reference keywords against the communities you’re the church serves.


Optimization of the visible readable content on your website, with consideration of your target communities and keywords.


“White Hat” (ethical) local optimization improving non-visible HTML elements including META tags, Page TITLE, Alt Tags, etc.


The construction of new web pages to target specific internet traffic and critical keywords not otherwise supported by your existing website.


Link building services to increase PageRank, show site authority, online identity, and website visitations. PageRank is a measure of online reputation determined by Google, and a major factor concerning search engine ranking and driving local search engine traffic.


Generation of location business directory listings across major business portals like,, and, etc.


Creation and/or optimization of Google Places, Bing & Yahoo Local Maps. This is in a major role for local SEO and provides a decided advantage for local business over national competitors.


Construction of XML sitemaps to invite thorough search engine BOT crawling. Regular submission of sitemaps to the search engines.


Submissions to over 50 US-based search engines, including all major engines and numerous tier-2 search engines.


Our work never stops. We continue with off-site and on-site local SEO tasks to foster long-term growth.


Google implements over 500 ranking adjustments per year with some bigger than others. We make adjustments to your campaign as needed to accommodate these changes.


The addition of a Google Analytics account (if an account does not already exist). Evaluation of website traffic statistics to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website.


Creation and installation of a Webmaster Tools accounts for Google and Bing. Webmaster Tools account provide direct feedback from the search engines concerning relevant performance metrics specific to your website.


Keyword ranking report showing current rankings for relevant keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO campaign updates discussing progress and campaign details.

Social Media Services Add-on Includes:

  • Social Accounts Integration – Creation optimization and integration of public facing Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts
  • SOCIAL MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENTS – Creation of 2 weekly social media post to your Twitter account, and one weekly post to Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook. We will help set these accounts up if they do not already exist.
  • ARTICLES/BLOGGING – Monthly blog, professionally written.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA BOOKMARKING – Launch of a social media bookmarking campaign which builds inbound links while boosting social media activity for the benefit of SEO. Major search engines now evaluate “social signals” to determine keyword rankings.

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What is SEO?

It’s getting customers to find you organically on the internet and Google in particular. Although sometimes you may also want to rank YouTube or Amazon content – which we can do also.

Comprehensive Lead Generation Programs

Web SEO and Design has refined the art and science of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), helping to direct interested consumers to our client’s websites. Web SEO and Design offers a comprehensive SEO program that accommodates all elements that impact search engine ranking, bundled in a tactful, ethical, and effective program that produces results. At Web SEO and Design, we are digital marketing experts, and we believe that SEO Consulting is a key service we offer to help increase the visibility of our clients.

There are many best practices that are published by the search engines that need to be implemented if you would like to be found properly. It takes a lot of specialized heavy lifting and grunt work that we do daily and are excellent at doing. Much of the real heavy lifting is coming up with creative ways to get more visibility in the marketplace. Good SEO is nothing more than good marketing (with a technical element). Many say that they can do SEO, but when pushed, they try to pass a lot of smoke and mirrors. We say what we will do and do what we say. Because the world is constantly changing, we are also constantly upgrading our methods and technologies.

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