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When you are interested in SEO services, we will provide a comprehensive SEO Audit and may suggest a comprehensive SEO Analysis. Search engines use hundreds of factors to determine which site will rank the highest for specific keywords. Our SEO Analysis goes further than at some basic on-page elements.

You will receive a Questionnaire to provide us some information on your competitors, industry you are in and keywords you are interested in which to be found. Using SEO Best Practices, we will provide full analysis in the following areas:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Website analysis
  • Link popularity analysis
  • Social media analysis
  • PPC opportunities

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Important ranking factors we include in our SEO Audits are:

1. SEO Audit of Website Code/Optimization – Our full SEO Audit will uncover missed opportunities in the following areas:

  • Page titles
  • Meta tags
  • Headings tags
  • Robots.txt
  • Section 508 accessibility attributes
  • Use of JavaScript and CSS
  • General code setup
  • Page speed

2. Assessment of Site Architecture – The structure of the website is critical to achieving top rankings in search results pages. It is important to make sure that your site and its content are getting properly crawled and indexed by the search engines. Also on-site linking between pages is important. Many companies miss opportunities to use text links from one page of their site to another. It is critical to help the seaerch engines understand what is on your pages. We will SEO Audit the following:

  • Canonicalization of URLs
  • Existence of XML sitemap and user sitemaps
  • Navigation
  • URL structure
  • Site Usability
  • Internal linking

3. SEO Analysis of Website Content – (content optimization) The words you use are important. If you want to be found when people are looking for your services and products you need to let the search engines know by using those words in your content. Quality matters. When someone finds your site, you want them to stay. In order to rank a page, it is critical that we have relevant, useful content that contains keywords or phrases you want to be found for. During our SEO Analysis, we will assess your:

  • Quantity of content
  • Quality of content

4. Link Popularity – Having others link to your site shows your popularity. Yup, just like in high school. More friends you have, the more value search engines place in your content and relevancy. We will review your competitors and figure out where you need to be. If your site does not have competitive link popularity, it will NOT achieve top rankings for keywords.

5. Social Media Integration – Good SEO is nothing but Good Marketing with a technical component. Today, you need to reach out to your customers where they are in social media. Today it’s Facebook, tomorrow it’s Instagram. We will audit your online social media presence to identify opportunities for improvement. As the social networks have evolved, the impact that they have on your site’s ability to achieve top rankings on the search engines has changed, too. If you are ‘popular’ on Facebook, then Google notices and thinks you are important and/or relevant.

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