June 27

Social Media Automation


How To Handle Social Media In Minutes each week

Things You Will Need:

  • Social media Accounts (usernames/passwords)
  • A desire for more customers & more time


The BackStory

I subscribe to dozens of blogs and I hear from some of the folks that choose to follow me on Twitter and Facebook that they appreciate that I share what I think are some of the best reads from each day.


I share other things in those platforms as well, but I generally find several articles daily that I think people will appreciate.


The Problem

The problem is that when I do my daily reading and learning, I don’t want to Tweet all 8-10 at one time because it annoys some people and it doesn’t leave much for people that get onto social media at different times of the day.


The other problem is that handling social media without a tool to help takes a ton of time, requires me to log in and out, and post a bunch of similar things over and over. Totally annoying. Total waste of time. No wonder so many people don’t utilize social media.


The Solution

The Buffer app is a tool that allows me to easily find and schedule Tweets, Facebook updates, LinkedIn updates, Google+ updates and Pinterest Updates from any browser or mobile device. This way I can effectively spread my posts out over the course of a day, and expand the reach of my social media marketing! If you’re going to write it, lotsa people should read it.


Buffer will post at preset times or I can post immediately.


6 Things You Can Do With Buffer:

  • Manage Multiple Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, & LinkedIn Accounts – at the same time
  • Schedule Posts – set up when your posts go out across your accounts
  • See What Posts Get the Most Engagement – so you can find out what your readers like and give more of that to them.
  • Use Buffer on Your Phone – because that’s where you find cool articles when doing your reading in the bathroom
  • Actually use Social Media – build brand awareness, and build your business


You can also:

  • Have multiple people collaborate
  • Setup automatic feeds
  • Have someone else do it for you


Setting Up Your Free Social Media Management Tool


Step #1 – Sign up for a free buffer.com account:

setting up buffer - step 1

Step #2 – Connect the social media accounts you already have:

setting up buffer - step 2

Since you are a professional, or want to have a job or deal with other people in a professional manner, you already have a Linkedin account (or Facebook account). Good. Click the button and put in your account username and password. They are the bain of my existence. I hate them and I hate how I have to change them and I hate how I need so many of them (check out LastPass) .


I digress…

After you give permission to Buffer to be able to post on your behalf…

setting up step 3

Step #3 Post To All of Your Accounts Simultaneously For The Entire Week In 20 minutes

setting up buffer step 4

Now you no longer have to remember your social media account logins, jump around from one window or tab to another. You have a single place (that could be their app on your phone) where you can create and send posts and amplify your reach to thousands of new people every day!


You can be crazy efficient and type out – and queue up – a week’s worth of posts in 15-20 minutes!



Is it time for a social media facelift? Contact us today and we can set up and optimize your social media accounts to better serve your business and get you more leads.


The Below is a PowerPoint Presentation of the information contained in this article:

Social Media Automation


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