The 10 Simplest Ways To Attract Chiropractic Patients, Who Don’t Pay With Medical Insurance

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The 10 Simplest Ways To Attract Chiropractic Patients, Who Don’t Pay With Medical Insurance

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Let’s face it, more people would be frequenting the Chiropractor if their insurance actually covered it. The reality is that most don’t, and what few do set unrealistic expectations on your ability to treat patients effectively. So what is the solution? Cash. People want to get adjusted frequently and compensate you fairly but most people are broke. I’m willing to bet your file cabinet has a very large percentage of patients who have come in once never to return. What if you can keep people coming back without the hassle of billing expenses? Here are 10 simple ways to approach the cash option that are realistic and worth considering!

  1. Wellness Chiro Club: Create a in house wellness plan. Why should the insurance company’s have all the fun? Charge a annual flat fee that includes 2 emergency same day visits, 20 adjustments, and 20% off modalities or products. Add additional flat rates for family members. One adult member is $275 a year and each additional family member is $150 just as an example.1
  2. Flexible Payment Options: Make sure your ability to take cash extends beyond cash or checks. Invest in affordable merchant services that give you the ability to receive VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and DEBIT capabilities. PayPal is even a good idea and allows you to send invoices to the patients and receive payments with ease from an application on their smart phone.
  3. Honesty Box: There are many Chiropractic practices doing walk in only practices and accepting a suggested flat rate per adjustment. The patient has the ability to pay more or less depending on their individual circumstances. No appointment necessary and pay the box on your way out the door! Make sure this is legal in the state that you practice. Sometimes this practice is frowned upon by those dictating your license compliance int he capital who issue’s your license.
  4. Giveaways: Add a special flare to your patient care routine beyond a brief exam and adjustment. Whether it is massage chairs in the waiting room, or a little adjust”mint” bowl full of mints make sure you think of a cost effective perk to being cash that extends beyond the care. Raffle an attractive item like a TV or bike or gift basket of sporting goods or Movie night. Spending money stings, especially when you are out of alignment. Alleviate that sting from many angles unique to your practice to keep patients coming back!
  5. Punch Card: When insurance or a wellness club program is too costly for an individual on a cash diet, consider a punch card cash program where every 5th or 10th cash visit is free. Make sure they expire so your patients will continue to come in! Re issue new colors or designs annually or bi-annually. They are cost effective and a small effort that goes a long way! Many of these cards can be designed online on a variety of printing options ranging from basic card stock to elaborate laminated plastic. Either way you are in complete control!
  6. Human Resources: Partner with area companies human resources departments. Many employers offer employee discount programs and to add your practice’s name to the list is simple and free. Make sure you are on their list so their employees can consider you as an option. Offer them 10% off or more when paying with cash.
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  8. Discount Days: Have monthly or quarterly discount days for everyone paying cash. Whether they fall in line with traditional holidays or the practice birthday never pass up a chance to reward your cash patients with a small break to keep them coming back! New Years, Valentines Day, St Patty’s, Easter, and beyond. You get the idea. Let the natural progressing of season’s dictate the discounts and have fun with it.
  9. Massage Therapy: Partner with a massage therapist so your patients are pampered before their adjustment. Not only will it provide a constant referral to and from them but you can get creative with the cash pieces and cater packages to enhance both practices. Start conservative in the partnership and bloom over time by having the therapist massage everyone five minutes before an adjustment to glean future clients for them while pampering yours.
  10. BE OPEN: People work. Get creative with your hours and be available when most people are NOT AT WORK. This means early mornings, and evening appointments. Cash patients will come in if you are actually open. BE OPEN. Saturday mornings are also a way to attract hard working people from all walks of life from parting with their cash to feel better. Convenience matters when cash is the only option for health care. Interestingly enough, registered nurses pulling 12 hour shifts with over time in the allopathic model long for an evening or after hours Chiropractor to maintain their back health, but simply put, evening Chiropractors don’t exist!
  11. Kids Free: Statistically there are a lot of single parents out there who value Chiropractic but cannot afford to get their kids adjusted. Consider adjusting kids of active cash paying patients for free. Build it in your practice philosophy that once they are established, they are welcome to bring their kids in to get adjusted for no charge. For states where this practice is prohibited, charge for kids exams, but adjust them complimentary.3

Wise patients will flock to you regardless of their insurance situation if you have the cash aspect of your practice mastered. No fancy office is necessary, nor is there a need for a lot of staff when you can cut costs with clever cash incentives. Word spreads fast when you incorporate a thoughtful and easy cash option to the community you serve. The truth is, many patients struggle to return when they do have insurance because their co-pay ranges from $35 to $45. If you are not contracted with their company you can save them money by offering them irresistible cash options.

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