December 8

Tips For Moving A Website


Over the last few days I’ve been working on a redesign of a site called, an online directory for hydroponic shops and supplies. While moving sites from 1 domain to another is a right way and wrong way to do it.

The wrong way is easy. Simply push the new site live. You’ll successfully break any backlinks you’ve previously had and take a dive in Google’s rankings.

If you’d like to maintain the SEO you’ve spent so much time on, then you’d better follow Google’s Guidelines and do things the right way.

Map old site’s urls to the new

map one url to another


First, take a backup of your old site. You may need it and it would stink if you didn’t have it. Then, use software like screaming frog or a site like to create a list of URLS on the old site and also on the new one. You’ll have to line up and map the old site’s url’s to the new ones and create 301 redirects for each old URL to point to the correct place. This is a painful and necessary step in the process.

If you use the site xsitemap and copy/paste the values into excel, you’ll find some unwanted content in each cell. To trip/edit the cells easily in Excel. Watch this video and follow the instructions. You may even learn something useful today!

If you need help with a site redesign or migration, send us your info.


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