Video Blog #1: Crazy Customers & Where To Get Your Traffic

Web SEO Video Blog

In this first episode of our new Video Blog, I talk through a couple prospective customer calls that I received after businesses found me through the internet.

The first call I got was from a personal injury attorney who wanted more traffic to his site and was going to get the traffic from running Google Adwords. He had never run any sort of advertising campaigns before, but was fully confident he would run it himself and ONLY needed a landing page – written in Spanish – and with a single landing page he would be generating lots of paid traffic. He didn’t have any assets, creative, copy, etc. but it should be cheap and easy. He didn’t want to do it in English, because Spanish was going to be cheaper. NEXT!

I got another call this afternoon from someone who found us through the Bigcommerce Marketplace, because we are a Bigcommerce Certified Partner. He needed some help with his ecommerce SEO. I gave him a bunch of pointers like earning backlinks from schools and museums that his art loving jewelry customers would be associated with. His jewelry site features the work of a talented artist who would be willing to visit the art schools and teach the students more about making jewelry and running a jewelry business. In exchange, the schools would promote the event and include their website’s URL in the contact information for the event. The jewelry is also featured and sold through museum gift shops. Having a write-up talking ‘about the artist’ may be something that the museum’s gift shop could get onto their website along with a link to learn more.

However, SEO is not the only way to get new traffic and customers. Sometimes it isn’t even the best way. I recommended Social Media Advertising where we can target thousands of his ideal target customers.

About the Author

David is the CEO and founder of Web SEO and Design LLC. When David isn't writing blogs showing how do make the most of your online marketing efforts, or working on client strategy, he enjoys spending time with his family, checking out the local Delray Beach scene, and watching silly pet videos on YouTube.