Upgraded Webmaster Tools Give Insight To Get More With Little Effort

Google Webmaster Tools has rebranded themselves to be called Google Search Console to provide more insight on how to market ourselves better online.

Google Analytics recently made some improvements that provide greater insight on how to become more effective with your communication to the online masses. While your offline marketing efforts include knowing how to speak to your target customer, on the other hand, your online efforts should include speaking correctly to Google, as well. It’s called Data Hub Activity.

If you have ever wondered how to provide the correct social signals Google looks for… Wonder No More.

Google wants to serve up the best experience for the visitor. How can it figure that out? Well, one of the ways is to see if a bunch of other people had positive experiences before.

It’s kind of like the Facebook Group Gotta Guy. It’s a referral group that I belong to. I jump on there and say, “Hey does anyone know of an excellent trial lawyer in Manchester, NH?” Several people would then reply with recommendations to attorneys they’ve used before and had good experiences with. They usually give the name, phone number or website address.

That’s the website address that Google can crawl through and see. That is the website address that search engines can cross-reference when someone types in a search of “best manchester nh litigation” they see our client at the top of search:

Best Law Firm SEO Company | WebSEO & Design


Social Signals Google lists in Google Analytics

Now, Google has listed out some of the right places to send social signals that can influence how you rank:

Google Analytics Data Hub Activity Provides Social Signals

After you create good content, or as Moz likes to say “content that is 10x better than what else is out there” here is a list of sites you should post on that will help you rank your awesome work of art that can make you lots of money:

Number of Social Signals To Easily Give To Google

Google wants to serve up what other people think is good. Get out there and share. All the cool kids are doing it, and you should, too. Be social. Remember, good SEO is nothing more than good marketing with a technical component. Setting up accounts and getting your brand involved in the above communities is a good thing. Get your name out there, and Google will respond by seeing your marketing and sending you traffic.

Go out there, and share your content. Provide value. Give your customers the answer they’ve been looking for.

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