Why do I need a SEO company, can I do my own SEO work?

why do i need a seo company

Why do I need a SEO company, can I do my own SEO work?

Occasionally, we still have potential clients wanting to know if they can do their own SEO work.

The simple answer is yes, but you’re going to get really crappy results.

SEO takes a lot of time to perfect. It can be challenging, frustrating and even confusing. The better answer to your question is no. Here’s why:

If your car needs a new engine, would you take it to the car shop or would you overhaul your engine yourself? Of course, you’d take it to get repaired at an automotive car repair place. If you need a tooth pulled or a root canal, would you go to the dentist or take care of your own dental work? Of course, you would go to the dentist.

Who wants to extract their own tooth? I sure wouldn’t.

It’s bad enough that your tooth is causing you pain, headaches, stress and all kinds of other things, much less thinking of taking matters into your own hands.

Don’t Do Your Own SEO

The point is that instead of trying to learn and do your own SEO which will take months and wasting hours of work to implement, go do what you’re really good at! Let us deal with the constant changes,learning, testing, analytics analysis, testing, and getting you more leads for your business to generate more income.

Hire A Professional SEO Company

You need a professional to manage your SEO. It is a specialty that requires cross-departmental expertise. We need trained, qualified, creative, intelligent and skilled professionals to create a stellar SEO campaign, why wouldn’t you need the same thing?. The key is to find the right company that is reputable (have you checked out our 5 star reviews on Yelp?), experienced and has a great track record for achieving tangible and positive results for their clients (Have you looked at our case studies and portfolio yet?). Great customer service and a strong ROI are just as important.

3 Things To Look For When Hiring a SEO Agency

Here are some things that a SEO company can provide for you that you can’t provide for yourself:

  1. Experience – SEO is both art and science. Mostly science. You can’t do it just once. You must keep doing, learning, practicing and a good company also makes sure to follow Google Best Practices Guidelines. It is an iterative and ongoing practice that is constantly evolving. The more experience you have, the better you’ll do.
  2. Knowledge – You’ve heard the saying “knowledge is power.” Many of the tasks you’d have to do for SEO as a novice can take 2 or more hours. A knowledgeable person can do that same task in ten minutes. What else could you do with those 2+ hours? A good SEO company has the knowledge to know how to optimize your pages, build your reputation with social media, find the best keywords to go after and in what order to go after them, provide you with correct internal linking, get you valuable backlinks, create META tags and the list can go on. They don’t have to research or ask their family and friends. We just do it. We’ve already made tons of mistakes so that we can learn what to do and not to do.
  3. Results – A good SEO company will have positive results for their clients. A bad SEO company can destroy your business. Make sure you choose a company that can deliver on their promise and even guarantee you results. Too many companies out there talk the talk, but can’t even get close to walking the walk. Look for recommendations. Ask for referrals. Check out results from past clients like on our testimonials page.

In Summary

One thing’s for sure, whether you decide to do your own SEO or you decide to hire a company, it’s one part of your marketing plan that you cannot afford to overlook. It’s a fact today that you need an online presence and people need to find you, which is another way for your company to generate income and leads! Reach out to us today and see the difference a Great SEO Company can make in your business. You can start by getting your free analysis of your current website at no cost to you, by visiting: https://www.webseoanddesign.com/free-seo-audit/

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