Why Reviews and Ratings Are More Important Than Ever

Ratings and reviews are a huge factor/influence in getting users to click through to look at your product or business.

For example if you were the Congregational Church of Boca Raton United Church of Christ, reviews left on different websites across the internet would be something people who are looking for the right church to join would consider.

Think about it. If a search result has 4.5 stars and 18 reviews (compared to fewer for other organization), that’s strong social proof that your church and congregation is trustworthy. But besides increasing users’ trust, recent search innovations have created new reasons to do reviews for the church:

Reason #1: Google Map searches now feature reviews prominently.

Map searches – Google just updated its map search layout to show ratings and reviews much more prominently, giving users immediate feedback to help make a quick decision.

Reason #2: Ratings and reviews can influence rankings for:

Local Carousel – A study done by Digital Marketing Works (and quoted by Search Engine Land) found a “very strong correlation” between reviews/ratings and Carousel position. Many other factors contribute to ranking, of course, but it makes sense that Google would show the “best” businesses first to increase user satisfaction.

Mobile searches – Example: Google Now search results for mobile devices the number of review counts and average ratings affect ranking and are prominently displayed.

Map searches – see reason #1.


An example on how to write reviews Google Plus:

1st Step: Copy the link below and paste to your browser.



2nd Step: Login to your Gmail Account.


3rd Step: Go to your Google + account.



4th Step: Under the Home Tab click the Local Button.



5th Step: Search the Business using the Business Name and Address.


Business Name: Congregational Church of Boca Raton, UCC
Address: Boca Raton, FL


6th Step: Click the pencil Icon to write your review.



7th Step: Please follow the instruction below:

  1. Click the last star for the Business Rating
  2. Write your Review letter inside the box
  3. Click Publish

click a star - write the review - click publish


Finished with your Google Plus Review!!!

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