March 18

WordPress Plugin: Generate PDF from Gravity Form


Today I was contacted by referral through a Facebook Group. Kevin was reaching out because he had been referred to two other companies that failed to deliver on what he thought was a simple small project. They had tried to meet project requirements, but couldn’t.

Since I like a challenge, I said, “Yes.”

Kevin’s company is looking to expand rapidly and is actively looking for new hires. They are advertising all over the place and he wanted to send them to an online application where the applicant could fill out their qualifications, upload supporting documentation (like driver’s licenses) and collect signatures from the applicant to signify they understood the rules of the job. The application was about 8 pages long!

Used Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin for Online Job Application

Since the application is so long the other companies tried to use Google Forms and then integrate the unsecure Google form into the website. If I were applying for a job, I wouldn’t want all my information being logged into  the unsecure Google Form that may get indexed by Google and found by criminals.

I chose to build out the form with the Premium Plugin Gravity Forms, for the signatures I used Gravity Forms Signature Add-On.

Gravity PDF

The last requirement was the trickiest. The client mentioned it would be ideal if the completed applications could be sent to their emails automatically as a PDF. So, in other words, they wanted people to fill out the application online, and have the form automagically turn into a PDF that they could use for their internal HR records.

Luckily, I have already looked into this scenario and used a really well-documented plugin called (creatively) Gravity PDF.

The plugin was created by a developer for developers.

There isn’t much on the front-end with this plugin, so if you’re looking for something quick and easy, it isn’t. There are about 10 different default templates they provide, but you can also custom design whatever your heart desires. There was a lot of php configuration work, and a bunch of testing to make sure everything worked properly.

As a Professional Web Development Shop

As a professional web development shop, we’ve got some tools to go with our skills. Gravity Forms helps to make us look good by making our client’s forms quickly and easily. It is an expensive plugin, but one we use all the time.

If you need help with your business and need custom applications to generate PDFs automatically, contact us.


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